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In highly dynamic and ever-growing digital ecosystem, organizations need technically robust, faster, personalized services that help them to leverage their full potential.

Analystor understands the requirements of individual customers, and provides services that exactly match their requirements. Analystor takes care of the full cycle of clients requirements, including gathering business requirements, designing, prototyping, coding, testing and after sales support.


Analystor develops technically robust, faster, personalized applications that help organizations to leverage their full potential. Analystor delivers customized applications through employing agile process and multi-level testing.

Mobile App

Analystor enables mobile app development services covering end-to-end process cycle, from business analysis and UI/UX design to mobile application testing and deployment or publication.

Big Data Analytics and Reporting

Analystor enables highly sophisticated data processing, Big Data Analytics and Reporting services to unleash the power of data, generate actionable insights, improve process effectiveness, and enhance ROI from data management.

Maintenance, Support and Process Management

Analystor maintains, supports and manages existing processes and applications in a technical environment. Using a large maintenance and support team, we can make sure about fool-proof running of any technology system.

Technology Capabilities

Analystor currently has a team of technical professionals. The team has young and experienced members who possess skills and expertise in technology areas such as

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