Intelligent Least Cost Routing


Brainroute is an Intelligent Least Cost Routing (LCR) solution for new generation telecom service providers.

Brainroute helps telcos to significantly reduce their routing costs for both retail and wholesale traffic. It automates the entire routing process, while maintaining call quality.

Telecom service providers are constantly on the lookout for an intelligent routing system, which help them to have actionable call data analytics, and deal smartly with the other telecom carriers for cost effective domestic and international routing. Using BrainRoute, the operators can intelligently route their calls to optimize costs and to enhance network efficiency.

Key features of BrainRoute

  • 01

    Intelligent Route Analysis and Optimization

  • 02

    Dynamic Routing Algorithm

  • 03

    Complete Carrier Profiles and Rate Management

  • 04

    Full Visibility of Routing Plans

  • 05

    Pricing Analytics and Engineering

Key Benefits of BrainRoute

  • Significant Cost Savings through Intelligent Routing
  • High network quality, even in long distance international calls
  • Smart Decisioning using call Data Analytics
  • High uptime through Smart Management of outages

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